The Hungry Miles (1955)

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The Hungry Miles is a documentary made by the Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit. It documents industrial relations on the waterfront since the 1930s and includes dramatised scenes of working conditions during the Depression. It also recounts the background to the Federal Governments 1954 amendments to the Stevedoring Industry Act, which proposed to give shipowners the right to directly recruit wharf labour and bypass the union; shows workers demonstrating; contrasts the gap between industry and workers in the division of profits; and evokes the spirit of the Eureka Stockade in portraying the solidarity amongst waterside workers. It includes voice-over narration by Leonard Teale and employs an orchestral score. Filmed and produced by Jock Levy, Keith Gow, Norma Disher - Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit (WWFFU). Maritime Union of Australia (MUA)? Australian Council of Trade Union (ACTU)? International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)? International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)?