Click Goes The Shears (1956)

Click Goes The Shears (1956) Click Goes The Shears (1956)
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Click Goes The Shears was the second and last the be made in the Link - "Land of Australia" series. It runs for 3 mins and is shot in colour.The artist were Harry Reade and Clem Millward, and the film was produced with the technique of static colour drawings and celluloid moveable frames.The song is sung by Cedric McLaughlin and the Link Singers. The film is quite simple with very little animation. The Sydney University Film Group screened it in 1958 as did the group from within the Melbourne Film Society. Produced by The Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit (WWFFU). Jock Levy, Keith Gow, Norma Disher. Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) Australian Council of Trade Union (ACTU) International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)