Don't feel alone at work, join a union

Don't feel alone at work, join a union Don't feel alone at work, join a union
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Here's our latest video for the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, setting out the why you'll never been alone at work if you join a union. When you enter the food industry, be it from education or another profession, you may find that it's a very different environment that can feel lonely and alien to you, but if you join the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) you'll find that together, we're stronger. Outside of a union, you may find yourself stuck on minimum wage with no sick pay, whilst training and health and safety provision may be lacking. What's more, you'd only be one voice that would struggle to be heard by the big bosses who could affect change. In a union though, your voice is amplified by your fellow members and the BFAWU is the only independent one working in the food sector and all of our full-time officials come from amongst the membership too, so we know the food business inside out. Because of this, lines of communication have been built up with many of the large food businesses in the UK, which means we'll most likely have had dealings with your employer previously. This provides us with a strong base to get the best deal for you, including better pay and conditions, providing health and safety advice and ensuring that food workers aren't discriminated against on the grounds of ethnicity, gender, age, disability or language. If you are treated unfairly or are injured at work, we can provide support for you and your family, and fight for compensation -- we've secured millions of pounds of damages so far and will continue to battle for our members. That's not the only way the BFAWU can help your finances either -- membership will see an extensive range of financial services provided, as well as education to help increase your skills and improve your working life, with a friendly ear always on hand, be it the trained on-site rep that members voted for or the contact details that you get on your membership card. All this help and more is available by talking to your local rep or visiting the website at